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Just 1 months
Just received a call from this number about my vehicle warranty and was told they would transfer me without listening to me speak so I waited. The next person that came on wanted my vehicle make and m
They 1 months
They texted me about doing electrical work. I asked if I could call and talk to them about giving a price and they said they were hearing impaired and could not talk. I do Low Voltage work in houses a
Thank 1 months
Thank you, Ryan! This was VERY helpful. I have been waiting to hear from doctors, lawyers, and a judge, so when I missed a call from this number, I tried calling back right away, worried it was one of
Escort 1 months
Escort service and probably a pimp's number. Very unsavory. Number is listed with multiple girls for their main number in escort services but I happen to know that, that phone (which also connected w